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Crazy From The Heat - Dave's Insanity Cookbook

In a late-night fit of desperation, burrito joint owner Dave Hirschkop discovered that super-hot sauce kept drunken patrons quiet or, better yet, drove ’em home. And so he embarked on a mission to create the hottest sauce in the universe.


Totalled Roadkill Cookbook - UNIQUE!

Buck Peterson begins the latest tribute to his relentless passion for cuisine of the fauna de la pavement variety. We dare you to open it!

This weird little gem is presented now as an irresistibly compact little ...


Totally Chile Peppers Cookbook

Do you have the hots for chile peppers? Now, one of our die-cut cookbooks is for fans of the capsicum. If too hot is not hot enough for you, TOTALLY CHILE PEPPERS is your cookbook.