Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Unique Gourmet Items for that hard-to-buy-for chilihead!

Fart Box Gift Set

Here it is! You've found it! The perfect gift for that perfect someone!

You get four delicious 5 oz. hot sauces all relating to breaking wind. Who doesn't get a kick out of farts?! They are just plain funny! This is a great gift and it will be the hit of the...


Unique Gift Set - Frostbite and Magma Hot Sauces

This set includes two of the MOST unique sauces you will find! Makes a great gift for the hot sauce fan or collector!

Frostbite Hot Sauce & Drink Additive

This sauce is so Cool it will burn Ya!

MAGMA Hot Sauce

A full 1 million Scoville units float atop the vinegar.


SCARY!!! Horror Hot Sauce Gift Set

This collection of four deliciously SCARY hot sauces complete our HORROR HOT SAUCE set. This is a perfect gift for a chilihead horror fan and is quite the memorable birthday present for those with October Birthdays!


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