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Fart Box Hot Sauce Gift Set
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Price: $23.95
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Prod. Code: FP04

Here it is! You've found it! The perfect gift for that perfect someone!

You get four delicious 5 oz. hot sauces all relating to breaking wind. Who doesn't get a kick out of farts?! They are just plain funny! This is a great gift and it will be the hit of the party!

Here's what you get:

  • Butt Twister - This scorcher will blow you away! Not only your taste buds will sizzle! Get the heat you need to make your day, butt-kicking flavor too! Great for pizza, pasta, wings, beans, chili & BBQ. Try this once, and you’ll never want to miss it!
  • Queen of Farts - Cut the cheese and kick it up with this famous 'State of the Fart' hot sauce!" A Perfect Blend of tropical fruit, Curry, and just a few Habanero Peppers – gentle heat, enjoyable for everyone.  And it’s all  natural.  Add exotic flair to any chicken, seafood, rice or vegetarian dish.  God shave the queen.
  • Sir Fartalot's Hot Sauce - After turbulent tournaments, Sir Fartalot enjoys a good bowl of beans, spiced up with his famous “state of the fart” hot sauce. This flavorful formula includes Jalapeño peppers, honey and gold tequila. Sir Fartalot also likes to put it on eggs, cheese, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, BBQ an most everything! Now it’s your turn Knight!
  • Wet Fart with Pooh - Can you remember the last time you let out a little gas and you felt it run down your leg? Well, it's that de-ja vu time again. That's right! After consuming this 'Wet Fart' hot sauce, it might give you that warm, mushy, disgusting, stinking feeling in your pants again.

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